JErgometer is an open source ergometer software written in Java that can be used to record and control your training sessions. Currently only ergometers of the manufacturer Kettler with COM port or USB port are supported. The following devices are known to work with JErgometer:

  • Kettler AX1
  • Kettler E3 and E5
  • Kettler Ergorace
  • Kettler ELYX 5
  • Kettler FX1
  • Kettler Pride E
  • Kettler RX7
  • Kettler UNIX E
  • Kettler X1, X3, and X7
  • Kettler XTR1

Kettler ergometers that are seamingly not compatible with JErgometer:

  • Kettler 7988-899:ERGORACE II

If you know more ergometers that are compatible or incompatible with JErgometer please let me know.





  • define your own training programs (pulse-driven or power-driven)
  • record and save your training sessions
  • view old training sessions
  • track your training progress: graph that shows your physical development over time
  • small user management to be able to separate training session of different persons
  • run JErgometer on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac) -> (tested on Windows 32 bit, Ubuntu Linux 32 and 64 bit)
  • multi-language support (at least English and German)

How to contribute?

You can contribute in different ways:

  • report bugs
  • suggest enhancements or new features
  • fork us on github and
    • translate JErgometer into your language
    • submit your own training programs you wish to share with the community
    • take part in the development (add new feature or improve the code and send a pull request via github)
  • donate to support the development and help us keeping our server running:

Source code

  • has moved to github
  • check out via
    git clone git://
  • build and run:
    ant runJErgometer


Developers that took part in the development of JErgometer:


  • Timo Wendt


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

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