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#197 jergometer will not stop correctly Main Application 0.9 defect Aug 22, 2010

sometimes when I close jergometer (either clicking on the red X OR selection "beenden" (end application) from the menu) the containing dos-box (jergometer.bat) will not close. Noting else but the start call is displayed in the DOS box. The DOS-Box (command) window will disappear, when I kill the java.exe-process in the task manager

#131 add a user guide to the website Website 0.9 task May 2, 2009

Add a user guide to the website!

#260 Add Conconi test with automatic guess of aerobic treshold Main Application 0.9 task Sep 27, 2011

User should be able to click the predefined Conconi program, do the performance test and receive a summary of automatically calculated measures: Estimated aerobic treshold, gain in aerobic watts per heartrate since last test, estimated maximum watts for maximum heartrate.


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