Start JErgometer

  • Linux/Mac users:
    • run jergometer
  • Windows users:
    • run jergometer.bat

GUI Overview


First Start

When you start JErgometer for the first time JErgometer provides you with a set of example training programs shown in the program tree. You can use them for training but actually they are not very well designed. Their main purpose is to give you an idea how to creating your own programs.

Creating a New Training Program

The easiest way to create a training program is to duplicate an existing one and to adapt it afterwards. Thereto, select an appropriate program in the program tree and press control+c or choose "copy" from the context menu. Afterwards, click on the folder in the program tree where you want to store the new program in and press control+v. If the file already exists you will be asked for a new file name. Choose a name that correspond to the intend of your new program. The program will be inserted and you will see the same program name in the tree as for the original training program. This is because JErgometer displays not the file name but the name defined in the program file itself. To change this name you have to edit the program file. Thereto, select the new program in the tree and press control+e to start editing the program. If you pasted the new program in the same folder as the original one the new program will have the same name and will be located below the old one. Pressing control+e should be open the program file in a text editor or XML editor, but you might have to tell JErgometer the executable of your favorite editor before.

Program Format

Start a Training Session


Analyse your Sessions


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